Construction Project Management.

We are a full-service project management company specializing in commercial and residential construction and development, design-build projects and general contracting projects.

Our company manages building projects of all levels.  We work closely in teams with clients, architects, contractors and consultants throughout all phases of design development and building processes, bringing you innovative approach to significant savings of both time and money. 

It’s our job to determine how your project is conceived, designed and built from conception to completion.  Let us decide the appropriate materials and methods to be used because we’re focused on providing our clients with the flexibility, time savings and cost controls necessary for a successful project.

Peleg’s Group has been successfully managing projects from conception to completion for almost 15 years. We have worked with clients and designers on projects including new and existing commercial and retail developments, corporate offices,medical offices,sport studios,restaurants, commercial theatres, centers for performing arts and learning centers.

Although the scale and scope of every project is different, some objectives remain constant: completely understand the needs and values of the project and deliver the best product for the best price in the least amount of time.