About Us
  • In operation since 2006.
  • Operates and manages properties in GTA.
  • Provides corporate accounting and business development services in Ontario.
  • Offers legal services.
  • Multilingual staff to assist in clients and tenants communications.
Benjamin Peleg (M.A, CPM)
Property Management division is successfully manages large portfolio of properties all over GTA.
Under Benjamin’s direction ,Peleg's Group has shown unmatched growth since it began serving its clients and tenants. This is directly attributable to “hands-on” approach in which we become directly involved with the tenants, facilities and on-site staff that makes each property management project unique.

Benjamin is graduated from York University,earning Masters Degree in Economics,CPM Certificate from Humber College and Software Engineering Degree from Ariel University, Israel.
Alina Peleg (B.A, Accountant)
Accounting division is currently looking after the affairs of over 300 corporate businesses and self-employed clients.Specializing in corporate and personal tax, detailed bookkeeping, preparation businesses for audits, correspondence with CRA, business planning, marketing research and much more. Our attention to detail and accuracy is company’s most valuable asset during audits and government check-ups.

Alina is graduated from the York University,earning Bachelor Degree, Marketing and Advertising Degree with an emphasis on Strategic Planning and Business Development.